About Us

We are social, we are active, we are Kazi!

Inspired by people and the connections they make, Kazi lies at the nexus of the new – a robust and innovative digital platform – and the old – a weekly social jog, group walks, pick-up games in the park. With Kazi, you can create activities with defined criteria. These criteria can be very general or very specific – if you only want to walk 2 miles at a 20-minute/mile pace at 8am in the morning, you can do that. If you don’t mind, we of course accommodate that as well.

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But we are more than just a way to find activity groups – we have also partnered with some amazing businesses that share our passion. As you participate, create, and share activities, you earn Kazi Kash. You can browse Rewards tab and redeem the Kash for special discounts and offers available only to our own members. The more Kash you earn, the better discounts you get! And it’s all on your terms – you won’t be seeing any banner ads from us…ever.

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