Previewing an Upcoming Editorial

Thank you, Eugene 

When my team and I started our business in Eugene, we were told that start-ups in Eugene are notoriously challenging. Far better, they said, to move to a more fertile city like Portland or Seattle. Funding would be challenging, gathering committed interns and employees difficult, and receiving guidance and mentor support incredibly hard.

However, with the help of my team and the community of Eugene, we have brought our business to a point where we are beginning to nurture relationships with other local business owners and tap into the senses of decency and community that all people in the Eugene-Springfield area know and cherish.

We teamed up with St. Vicent de Paul in early February to sponsor the Truffle Shuffle, a family-friendly race that raises money that goes toward veterans. We have been welcomed into the downtown community and have professional relationships with some local businesses in the area. We have been ably helped by RAIN Eugene and the people we met there. We have been guided, warned off riskier strategic paths,  and included into the fold despite a much lower starting place.

The app we built connects people to locals and their activity groups. So when we think back on it, there is no more poetic a starting place than Eugene, OR.

Thank you,

Ben Nye

Founder, The Kazi App

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