Top 5 Motivational Speeches

We all have seen some form of locker room speech, the company-wide oration, or motivational monolog that gets us excited for what’s ahead. Sometimes, we even give ourselves motivational speeches to get ourselves off the couch and doing what we know is best for us and others. Some of the best motivational speeches are based on politics; others are based on sports. Many are about facing obstacles head-on with a disregard for the challenges that stand in your way.

Here’s to those speeches that motivate, inspire, and activates something inside to persist in times of struggle, achieve greatness in times of doubt, and ultimately to achieve our goals.

The Top 5 Motivational Speeches:

  1. Sylvester Stallon: Rocky Balboa (2006)

    download (1)

  2. Steve Jobs: How to Live Before You Die (2005)

download (5)


  1. Charlie Day: Commencement Address (2014)

    download (3)

  2. Al Pacino: Inch By Inch (1999)


  3. Charles S. Dutton: Rudy (1993)

    download (2)

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