The Top 8 Ways For The Not-So-Athletic To Get To The Olympics​

8. Canoe slalom – whitewater kayak. This is one of my favorite events to watch and has got to be a great deal of fun to participate in. We don’t know where one trains for this event but if you know, please tweet at us or send an email because this has “corporate team-building event” written all over it.


7. Table Tennis. The benefit here is that you can train on a budget. Sure, you might look like Forest, Forest Gump doing it but there is no limit to the training that you can do.


6. Archery. Archery holds potential for many of our older members. It is an event based on precision and accuracy, nerves and composure. It is one of those events that you can actually show continuous improvement as you age.


5. Handball. Perhaps the easiest event, this is a game played by many countries that struggle in basketball. Moreover, you don’t need to be the best one or two in the country because it is a team event. The rest of the team can carry you if you aren’t quite up to snuff.


4. Bobsleigh. This is the one winter sport that we have on the list today. Admittedly, it is perhaps more difficult than we credit it. However, to our simple understanding, how difficult can it be (other than the little thing of “fear of one’s life) to strap yourself into a sled and go racing down an ice chute at 100 mph.


3. Equestrian dressage. The problem is…you need a horse.


2. Shooting. Similar to archery, and really – us Americans should never lose this event.


1. Synchronized swimming. Any commentary needed?


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