Michael Phelps Testimonial

I have 23 Olympic medals to my name. I have competed in 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and now the 2016 Olympic games. I have gone from young star athlete to national let down, to recovered alcoholic, and returned to the games as a mature competitor. There was a serious moment that I thought I might never enter a fifth Olympics, but with the help of others getting me in the right frame of mind, I have made my comeback.

For so long, I thought of myself as this kind of robot. Now that I see myself as a human being, it has changed my life. My fifth Olympics is not about me for once. This time, its about the people who love and care for me, the folks who have trained with me, and stayed with me along the way. This one means more than any of my previous Olympics because I can now set the record straight about who I am and what I stand for. I stand for the swimming community and for

After this Olympics, I will be taking on a project that I am excited about called Michael Phelps Swimming, designed to teach people of all ages and abilities about this sport. What is special about it is that it give me a chance to share swimming with others and create a greater community.

This chance to build a community is what draws me to make a bigger impact, and is what makes apps like Kazi an excellent opportunity to do so. Encouraging people to get together and be active is an amazing way to not only build up athletes and healthy communities but also to prevent situations like the ones I put myself in. We all can release energy in healthy ways with other like-minded people. Download Kazi , and get social, get active, and get rewarded.

*This article quotes but does not reflect the opinions and facts of Michael Phelps or Michael Phelps Swimming

Source Credit: Promises, USA Today, NBC Olympics

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