The PokeWorkout

The Pokemon Craze is here. It’s available, it’s everywhere, it’s a new reality!. Well, it’s augmented reality, but many people already can’t tell the difference. People are using Kazi to meet up, buy battery packs, and slay Pokemon together. It is happening all over in every corner of the United States. It happened today in Atlanta, GA and it happened last week in Eugene, OR.


But if you are like me, you have attended one of these gatherings to find that your measly Level 8 Pokemon Trainer has nothing even close to that of the Level 15s and the Level 20s. This weekend, you need to do something different, step up your Pokeslaying game and return to work at Level 25.

But this raises a couple of thorny questions. First, how do you do this without taking three days off from work? Second, how can you possibly catch up to these Pokemasters?

Today, Kazi answers your questions in a few simple steps:

  1. Create a Kazi Pokemon Group. A group will give you the incentive to follow through on your commitment. Meet on both Saturday and Sunday at a large public park. For example, if you are in Kennesaw, GA, meet at Kennesaw Mountain. In Eugene, try the University of Oregon, or Spencer Butte, or Mt. Pisgah. These places are where we all know that the Pokemon are hiding.
  2. Before you arrive, hit as many Pokestops as you can. Collect all the Pokeballs you can so that you don’t have to worry about running short on supply when game time rolls around.
  3. Speed train. Sprint as fast as you can until you feel your phone vibrate. Catch the Pokemon and then continue with your sprint. If you want a great workout, this is best done going uphill. Your quads will be screaming at you the next day, but it will be worth it.

Having done all this, then show up at your next Kazi run with your Level 25.

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