Tuesday Testimonial: CrossFit Champion

There are few active endeavors more gruelling than being a CrossFit athlete. There are also few workouts that push the human body to its limit like the CrossFit experience. Undoubtedly, there are few exercise types that gather so many people together in such a tight-knit community to become the best versions of themselves as possible. The CrossFit games have just ended, and now is the time to prepare ourselves to continue taking on our goals once more.

I have now been given the title of Fittest Man in History because of the insane combination of running, Olympic lifting, and pure strength contests that the competitors must go through in the CrossFit games. This is not the best looking, nor the most defined body title. It’s not about who can be bigger or more trim than others. This sport is all about the sheer will to take yourself to a level of fitness that is unmatched. 

CrossFit has a culture that promotes others’ wellness, as well as your own. It’s about bringing other people along on a journey to be your best self and the community around that mantra is incredible. CrossFit gyms have blown up across the country and offer a great meeting place for those who want to get involved in the workouts. If you are a solo warrior who can’t afford the often times spendy cost of attending a CrossFit gym, find others who are like-minded and want to get started in the sport. Look no further than and the Kazi App, and you can find a running or other fitness group that is encouraging folks to get outside. Not to mention you can facilitate your own group if that is your goal. 

At the end of the day, it isn’t whether you can do it all alone. Getting active and getting healthy is about what is best for your body. Though I have taken this sport and made a living from it, many of us are just trying to live a healthy, long life. Pursue a healthy, whether it’s CrossFit, or running, or playing ball at the YMCA, and pursue your passion with others. 

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