Ash Ketchum on Kazi

Ever heard of Pokemon? Of course! The new Pokemon Go app has become a craze that has helped bring me and the Pokemon world into a real life setting. I was ten in 1998 when the games came out in the U.S.  Now, I am nearing my 28th birthday as an icon to the Pokemon faithful. It’s incredible how far we’ve have come.

Many people who grew up with me on their Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advanced are now professionals. They have grown up to be their very best in careers they’ve chosen. This is the biggest and brightest generation we have seen in many years, and we fully expect them to be the best there ever was.

I believe that Pokemon transcends the little monsters in the game. It is a community of people who set goals for high levels of achievement. Some are trainers, others are researchers, but the one thing that binds all Pokemon enthusiasts together is the desire to be the very best; the best there ever was. This is probably the reason parents went from saying, “stop playing Pokemon and go outside,” to now saying, “stop playing Pokemon and come inside!” with the release of the Pokemon Go application. Pokemon has come to life in the streets, and now people can do as they watched me do and become a part of the real life Pokemon community.

In addition, I am super excited about how effective it has become in getting people outside and active. If you watched us tromp around Kanto and the other regions we traveled to, it was not easy work. Me and my various friends traveled far and wide as Pokemon trainers, and now we are seeing many more people following suit.

Next time you wanna take a walk in the park looking for the next Pidgey or Squirtle (both Pokemon types) consider opening the Kazi app and creating an event for others to join, or keep your eyes peeled for others’ meetups on the app.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the world around you while playing!


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