Butte to Butte Run

Get Involved: Community Runs

Today we launch the first of a series of ways to get involved. We understand that getting active through sheer will-power can be difficult. That is why it is encouraging to get involved in your community through activities that are already taking place. Additionally, it is hard to know what the experience of a community  activity entails; do I wear sweats, stretch beforehand, will they laugh if I only jog? Welcome to the answers to all of your questions from the folks experiencing the active lifestyle who want you to join.

Community Runs

The community runs have taken place these past few weeks in Eugene, OR. They all provide a great case study for the camaraderie that can be built from joining a ton of random folks for everything from a leisurely meander, steady walk, jog, or straight out run.

A Great Place to Start

The Bubble Run was a great place to start for folks putting on their running shoes for the first time in a while. One may imagine what the general pace of a run designed to bury you in various clouds of bubbles may be. Leisurely. That’s what made the Bubble Run a great time for people looking for an opportunity to get outside with friends and family for a beautiful, active day in the sun. Everyone wears something more athletic and easy to move in, but there is generally a much more relaxed feel to this kind of event. Other events like this are color runs and charity walks, like Color Vibe and Walk to End Alzheimers. Add these events, or attend pre-existing ones on the Kazi App to get rewarded for starting to get active.

Try Competing

The entire Kazi team had a great experience at the Butte to Butte Run on the Fourth of July. There was a wide variety of parents with strollers, grandparents, and serious athletes who were seeking to get active at various levels. Going to a community race, like the Butte to Butte is an excellent way to find new ways to push yourself with like-minded athletes and keep track of your running progress. You are bound to find others at the same level of ability and people trying to keep improving at these events. The caveat is that the races aren’t as relaxed as the Bubble Run may be. The key here is to make sure you have the times and heats down, or else you may end up running in a heat you weren’t expecting or missing the race altogether. We witnessed a runner take off 15 minutes late and try to catch up with the pack. Definitely not an ideal situation. 5k and 10k races are springing up all over the place. Keep your eyes peeled for races like the Summer Series Tracktown Team Challenge and RSVP on Kazi to get rewarded for attending!

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