The Story of a Future Olympian

We all have something to strive for. We test ourselves to gauge how far we’ve come and to ensure we are reaching our goals. That test is such a small part of what we do. 99% of the time we are working hard, training, and going about our daily lives. This is the weekend is the biggest test of my life. I get to chase my dreams 8 times around Hayward Field.

My dreams haven’t just materialized overnight. I grew up hearing about the Oregon greats as a child. Legends from long ago; Bill Bowerman and Steve Prefontaine, and more recently with Galen Rupp and Ashton Eaton, have stamped themselves in the books of Tracktown lore. Their names are what inspired me to begin running in my early days of middle school and high school athletics. Now it’s more than beating my own times. It’s about the running lifestyle and staying active doing the things I love with friends.

I have loved the hours spent running with teammates, being taught by coaches and finding other ways to push myself. Furthermore, I have always looked for more opportunities to push myself even further. The Kazi app has let me do just that. I have been enabled to find more like-minded people seeking their athletic goals and became connected to an even bigger support group that helps others achieve their goals.

I always enjoy running with the incredibly active community in Eugene. Whenever Run Hub Northwest or Eugene Running Company hold group runs, you can bet I will be there. The environment is friendly, the training is excellent, and the knowledge of the staff at the events rivals that of the best collegiate coaches.

I know that when I run my race, my friends, my family, my teammates, and my coaches will be cheering me on. This is the moment we have all been waiting for. It’s time to become an Olympian.

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