The Magic Method to Getting in Shape

Has-been athletes, chronic couch potatoes, and perpetually tired parents everywhere have been discussing getting into shape since the day they realized a sedentary lifestyle wasn’t doing them any justice. Have no fear, there is an innovative solution to getting in shape. It’s called running.

Before you leave this page in disgust for the simplicity of this answer, let me explain. First off, running is the cheapest, easiest, and one of the most effective ways to get active. Moreover, you can do it with friends, run with Fido, or just compete with yourself to get in better shape.  That’s why I’ve have come up with the best steps to break you free of your fear of running with this simple guide to let those chicken legs go free-range.

Step 1: Don’t Run

Seriously, if you want to start running, don’t start running. Begin by walking, then lunging and body-squatting yourself into running shape. Pick up your pace, but take a full week before you begin running hard.

Too many of us expect to toss on the ‘ol Nikes and take off up Pre’s Trail faster than the legend himself. If you do decide to run hard out the gate, you will probably be down and out for days after. If you’re lucky, you may get the courage to go running a week later after your body has returned to the original sedentary state. Don’t do that. Unless you have the willpower of an Olympic athlete, you will go nowhere fast.

Don’t do that. Unless you have the willpower of an Olympic athlete, you will go nowhere fast.

Unless you have the willpower of an Olympic athlete, you will go nowhere fast.

Step 2: Have Fun

The step of running that will keep you running is simply enjoying the running process.

Here are some ideas:

  1. Get a Fitbit to compete in steps with folks at work.
  2. Stop by the river to play fetch with Fido.
  3. Bust a move halfway through the run to prep yourself for the final leg home.

Do something to make the running experience fun, and you WILL stick with it.


Step 3: Go with a Group

You know what they say if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, get a group who wants to get in shape and is encouraging you every step of the way.

Okay, that’s quote may have been remixed, but you get the idea. Not only does a group run allow you to have accountability partners, but it fosters a consistent schedule in order for everyone to meet up at the same time. If you get in the right group, you may have even more fun (see step 2).

Get in a running group by visiting your nearest running store, stopping by the community center calendar, or by downloading the Kazi App.


Other Running Resources:



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