Kazi, This is for You! – Lebron James

In the spirit of Sunday’s NBA Finals game, this is the post-game interview if Lebron James won the NBA Finals Championship for Kazi…

After returning to the home team two years ago, we finally brought home the championship on Sunday. This championship was extra special, We have had some rough times, but our fans… man our fans ride or die. This one is for them, for all the folks out in Kazi land.

I’m true to the game, I know what I am capable of, and I knew when I came back to the Kazi fam, we would get it done.

For us, it’s all about excitement, it’s about being excited to be part of this great community. This Kazi community means so much to me,

I told the guys, “Don’t take this for granted. We got a great team, there are plenty of activities with great people, we just got to go out there and participate and take out the opportunities that are out there.”

Throughout my thirteen year career, I’ve done everything to stay true to myself, and true to the game, and its fun to see that hardwork finally pays off. It’s a defining part of the Kazi community.

Our Kazi fans give us everything, and it was our time to give back to ’em.

I think this championship just goes to show, there are rewards for getting after it, there are opportunities to get out there and have fun. They can all be found in the Android and iOS app stores by searching Kazi.

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