Sunday Trivia: All About NBA

Game 7 of an unpredictable NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers is tonight!

Who am I kidding, you all know this already.

In the name of the finals, and to wrap up the NBA season, this week’s trivia is all about pumpkin pushing, and the great history of the high-flying sport.

Comment with your answers in the comment section. The winner will get a Kazi prize.

  1. What famous basketball player is nicknamed, “The Big Dipper”
  2. What NBA mascot was arrested for selling drugs?
  3. Which team has the most NBA championships?
  4. What was the NBA’s original name, circa 1946?
  5. How many Olympic Gold Medals does Lebron James have?
  6. How many games has Lebron James missed in his career?
  7. What is Steph Curry’s real name?
  8. What year was Steph Curry drafted?


Answers to Trivia Round 8:

  1. Q: What business where Ben & Jerry originally considering getting into? A: The Bagel Business
  2. Q: Who is the voice of Winnie the Pooh? A: Sterling Halloway
  3. Q: What did the first webcam watch? A: It watched a coffee pot
  4. Q: What was G-Mail prior to Google? A: Email for
  5. Q: What does the word “Crayola” mean? A: Oily Chalk
  6. Q: True/False: Before Coffee gained popularity, beer was the breakfast beverage of choice in some parts of the United States. A: True
  7. Q: Who is Taco Bell named after? A: Glen Bell
  8. Q: In 2007 what did Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer say about the iPhone? A: “iPhone has no chance of gaining market share” (2007)
  9. Q: How much does Judge Judy make a year? A: $47 Million


(Image Credit: Sirius XM NBA Radio)

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