Why Sports Commentators Predictions are Usually Wrong

If you have been following the NBA Finals, you are no doubt aware of the predictions of certain analysts that seem to swing from one extreme to the other, reductio ad absurdum, if you will. The result from one game informs a hyperbolic prediction of the next game and the current state of affairs.


He is by no means the only culprit but we at Kazi have been taken by Stephen A. Smith’s conclusions because they contain the essence of what we are discussing:

After Game 1 (Warriors 104-89 Cavaliers)

They just seem like Cleveland is no match for them. It’s just one game, but that’s just how it looked.

After Game 2 (Warriors 110-77 Cavaliers)

It was one of the most pathetic performances I’ve ever seen in an NBA finals…they literally gave up. It was flagrant. You had family members and fans in attendance asking “what the hell happened.”…Everything you could possibly do wrong, they literally did.

After Game 3 (Cavaliers 120-90 Warriors)

(Bear in mind that in Game 2 Curry and Thompson only scored 35 in Game 2 and got 29 in Game 3…hardly the drop off that explains the 63 point swing from Game 2 to Game 3. Oh and they combined for a mere 20 in Game 1.)

In the case of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, absolutely non-existent according their standards.

After Game 4 (Warriors 108-97 Cavaliers)

Lebron James was literally nowhere to be found when it mattered….The Golden State Warriors – the reigning NBA champions – they had an MVP on the floor that played like an MVP in the fourth quarter with his 13 points…

…That’s why they won game 4, that’s why they’re up 3-1, that’s why they are on the verge of closing out the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday night.

After Game 5 (Cavaliers 112-97 Warriors)

(Credit where credit is due. He got this one right.)

It comes back in 7. We’ll be back in San Fran with a Game 7 which is what we really really wanted anyway.

After Game 6 (Cavaliers 115-101 Warriors)

Lebron James was a man amongst boys. He showed up and showed why he is one of the best players in the world…this is what Game 7 is all about fellas. I’m telling you right now, we can’t wait until Game 7!

Honestly, neither can we. We don’t know what is going to happen. And that’s what makes sports so exciting. So keep it up Stephen A – because you just say what we are all thinking.

(Image Credit: Sports Unbiased)

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