School’s Out…Now What?

We have spent a lot of time this week discussing Commencement ceremonies and we even drafted a Commencement address of our own. But without any direction – without a sense of actually where we are going – Commencement speeches, pomp, circumstance, and the rest are rather in vain. For these then do not signify the start of something new but the end of something else.

So today we outline 3 ways that you can stay engaged, productive, and happy this summer even while the hiring managers take forever to get back to you about that interview or that resume or that internship.

  1. Travel. 1336500120730Of course, people talk about traveling all the time like money grows on the proverbial tree and that the jet-setting lifestyle should be envied and celebrated. At Kazi, we don’t have anything against travel to far-flung destinations, places that are typically only seen in the glossy pages of National Geographic or BBC World News. But there are ways you can travel and still stay on budget. For example, you can take a summer and work at an exotic destination. A friend of Kazi’s recently returned from a spell in Vietnam – a picturesque destination if ever there was one – and he funded his humble lifestyle by working as a bartender at night and exploring the country by day. You could also take a road trip – splitting it with friends and pitching a tent is a great way to reduce costs and see parts of the country you would never have time to see again.
  2. Learn a skill. kiteboarding01Ever built something with your own two hands? Ever learned (and I mean actually, truly learned) a foreign language? Ever wanted to learn to kite board but never got around to it? Need to learn First Aid skills but always thought it would take an inordinate amount of time? Find a pet project this summer and embrace it. You’ll feel accomplished and you’ll have a fun anecdote to tell the hiring manager when you do (and you will) get that interview.
  3. Join Kazi.  kazistreetfaire#Kazilife connects people who actually want to take part in adventures with one another. It is a community that is a bit of a throwback to simpler times, and simply uses its technology as a way to get it done. Try it out today – we are growing rapidly but want to grow even faster!

(Image credit: State Department, KiteSurfingPics, KaziFiles)

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