Got Obesity?

The CDC released the 2016 health data and obesity is the hot topic. It is easy to get lost in the overwhelming large tables and numbers. Thus, let Kazi break it down for you.

Obesity is rising. Despite the huge success of products like Fitbit, us as Americans cannot break out of our horrible habits. We want our Doritos. In fact we want our Doritos so badly that created an instant button we can tap to get our Doritos instantly delivered. We are too lazy to even go to the local Safeway anymore. How sad has our culture become.

Women, you’re doing okay. While obesity rates in women are rising, it’s not as high as the male rates. Yes women are gaining weight, but have about 5% less obesity compared to men. Men, you need to slow your roll (literally stop creating fat rolls for yourselves).

What can we blame for the increasing trend in men, women and overall obesity? Yes we can blame the Doritos. But really we should be looking at our overall lifestyle. Are we partying too much or are we just spending too much time on our phone? Join Kazi in our effort to get outside. Meet your new best friend and adventure buddy on Kazi today.

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