Bernie Sanders endorses Kazi

Last week, we presented our view of US Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s assessment of the Kazi app. Here is the highlight:

So download Kazi….

Download it. And together we will make Kazi great, and Americans great again. 

Our humorous, Onion-flavored missive drew attracted a fair bit of criticism for its perceived lack of balance. The strange thing is, we couldn’t satisfy people on the left or the right. Some thought we were taking the Mickey out of Donald and others thought we trying to Trump the donkey.

All are wrong. We are not political science people, but Kazi people. So in an effort to maintain balance and order, today we present an endorsement of our app in the manner of a certain elderly but highly energetic senator from Vermont. So picture, if you will, a frock of wispy windswept white hair, a dark and slightly disheveled suit, and an energetic eye:

Bernie Sanders

Thank you everybody. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for reading about what I am writing and what we are going to do.

First of all, I want to remind everyone how we got here. We didn’t take money from Wall Street. We didn’t take money from the hedge funds, we didn’t sell out to the highest bidder, the biggest search engine companies or deal-makers. We bootstrapped this app through the savings and retirement funds of honest, average, hard-working Americans.

Unlike my competitors, I don’t have wealthy friends who can throw money around like candy; my friends scrape for $27 to improve the lives of their neighbors. And yet we find ourselves here. You and me and each and everyone of us actually make the world more open and connected; we don’t just type it on a fancy screen or talk about it at tech conferences or put it on a red hat.


We are going to transform social media. You won’t serve the corporate advertisers of Facebook any more. You won’t live an alter-life online any more. You won’t suffer while people make rude black and white statements any more. You won’t have to be ashamed of being polite any more.

Kazi is progressive. Kazi is modern. We get you away from your screen and on a trail with friends or at the bowling alley with a hot dog or maybe playing a totally new sport like Ultimate Frisbee.

Enough with the online dating! I don’t want to hear about online dating any more. If it’s not then it’s Farmers Only. You know who owns all these companies? It’s the rich corporate elites like IAC Interactive. If you only knew what I knew about them…Match, PlentyofFish, Chemistry, Tinder, OKCupid, OurTime…, The Princeton Review…All of it owned by IAC. They get your information, they play with it and spit you out the other side. We are not going to let that happen…any more.


We are going to transform social media by enabling interaction, not being a time sink. With your help we are going to transform how people think about the “internet” – it will no longer be interconnected bits and bytes but an interconnected network people and memories.

Yes, download the Kazi app. We have a vision – a future to believe in. We will transform what social media means. And, together, we will transform America.

(Image credit: IAC building photo, Zuckerburg, Bernie Sanders)

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