The Masked Man Cometh…and ‘What’s SUP’ in Europe

In recent weeks, the University of Oregon campus has been terrorized by a man in a mask. With the news contained primarily to the students at the school, it has not been common knowledge in Eugene…yet. However, for those studying for finals and playing sports in the evening, the masked man has been all too real.


This character wanders around in a replica Guy Fawkes mask – not too strange, to be sure, given that the relative baseline for the weird and wonderful in Oregon is much higher than a mask.No, what makes this wise guy alarming is the replica pistol that he carries with him.

We first saw this story reported on May 5th but it ramped up to a new level on May 16th with this story about the creep doing, well, creepy things.

On May 4th, at about 5:30 p.m. a female student said she was walking along 18th street near the softball field and saw the masked man. She said she felt uneasy because he had a holster on his side carrying, which was thought to be a weapon. Later on, it was rumored that this weapon was not real.

“When he saw me looking at him, he pointed directly at me,” the student recalled.

Yeah, that could be alarming and the dude is clearly on shaky ground legally. Indeed, in our humble opinion, if he is deemed to have racial, national or sexual prejudices, he would be guilty of intimidation in the second degree, a misdemeanor (ORS 166.155). I mean, we’re not lawyers, but it’s not rocket surgery to put two and two together:

Intentionally, because of the persons perception of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, disability or national origin of another or of a member of the others family, subjects the other person to alarm by threatening:

(A)To inflict serious physical injury upon or to commit a felony affecting the other person, or a member of the persons familyor

(B)To cause substantial damage to the property of the other person or of a member of the other persons family.

So far, the authorities have been betwixt and between. The “person’s identity is known to law enforcement and the university” but apparently the relevant authorities do not deem a person following and pointing a replica gun at one of the students to warrant further investigation:

He has not been reported to have made any verbal or physical threats. He has not reportedly brandished the replica or menaced anyone. It is legal to wear a mask and to carry a replica pistol, despite the fact that those behaviors may make some people understandably uncomfortable.

Here is the police chief’s rationale, as reported in The Tab:

UO Police Department’s Communications Director and Public Information Officer, Kelly McIver, said: “There is not an active investigation going on because there have not been any official reports made on this individual.”

McIver explained that even though the police are aware that this individual makes people uncomfortable with his behavior, they cannot do anything because no allegations of him harming someone have been made.

When our Kazi team heard this, our superhero ears were itched. For what better to combat a masked terrorist in the absence of police, with a masked vigilante? Why not buy a couple Batman masks and follow this guy around? He has to go home at some point, right?


The guy thinks he’s cool but he’s not at all. We wouldn’t be surprised if he’s not even a student; just someone who sits at home all day in the basement. He has a deluded, warped sense of reality and, if we’re being honest, that mask really isn’t working for him. I mean, he must be a pretty ugly dude if he think that mask marks an improvement.

On a lighter note, we  are always fans of the fledgling new sports and group activities. That’s why we built the app, after all, to include things like Ultimate Frisbee.


If you have never been Stand-up Paddleboarding, you should go. Not only is it a great way to experience the water and nature in a quiet and serene setting, but it is also excellent exercise. Your whole body has to work in order to maintain balance and push forward.

And it is catching on in a big way. We were pleased to find out that Europe has a SUP tour – a series of races throughout the continent. We hope Hollywood figures this out – what better than a comedy about a zero-to-hero SUP champ who takes on and beats his/her European foes?

So stay safe this Memorial Day weekend, don’t worry about some idiot with a mask, and get your friends and family out on the water.

Yours Truly,

Batman (a.k.a Bruce Wayne)

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