Crossfit Crazies


The CrossFit craze seems to have come from no where. If you haven’t heard about CrossFit it is most likely because you haven’t met someone who participates in it. Everyone who does CrossFit is obsessed and very vocal about it. All they do is talk about how great CrossFit is and how many CrossFit things they can do. Are these people passionate or insane? Here are 3 reasons CrossFit people are crazy:

  1. Gyms are expensive, but CrossFit gyms are on a whole new level. The average gym membership is $70 a month. Moreover, CrossFit gyms average $125 a month. And why so expensive people ask? All they do is hit sledgehammers, lift tires and throw medicine balls.
  2. CrossFit has its own language. I’m having a normal conversation with my friend who does CrossFit and he will drop random phrases like this all the time: “oh look I did this many of the WOD” or “today we did pushups EMOM”. What is a WOD?! Work or die? Use full english words please.
  3. CrossFit is a clan. I can’t even talk about how insane the community is without getting attacked by the whole clan. CrossFit people are some of the most defensive about their sport.

In all honesty, I do CrossFit and I love it. I pay the money, I use the language and I am defensive about the sport. However, we are crazy. We pay the high prices because we love the sport too much. I love/hate doing rounds of WODs and EMOM exercises. It is a great full body workout that is actually fun. The community is inspiring and motivating. For everyone who hasn’t tried CrossFit I recommend giving it a chance and you will soon find yourself being CrossFit crazy.


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