Counters are Where Parks & Rec Catalogs go to Die


We’ve all seen local Parks and Rec catalogs – pages and pages of thin, grey, recycled paper with bold headlines and more text than a small novel. The one sitting beside me at our Kazi offices is 82 pages long, full of things like PiYo Live, Qigong,Vineyard and Violins, Zumba, Craigslist classes and more. There’s some good stuff in there!

Unfortunately, it’s a treasure hunt. You have to go through these 82 flimsy pieces of paper. You have 2 or 3 catalogs sitting around your house but you never read them. You intend to, to be sure. You are going to get to it today…until you don’t.

It’s not that we don’t want to look through it for opportunities we may enjoy, it’s just that a quick Google search delivers what we want quickly. Our lives move fast – we don’t have time for perusing the catalog with a cup of tea as the Spring weather shifts from rain to sun and back to rain again.

We want to be doing things.

So instead the catalogs pile up along with the phone books and the local insurance mailings and the credit card offers. You walk past them day after day and the pile grows higher and higher. They are arranged in patterns – credit card, catalog, phone book; credit card, catalog, phone book… Until one day in the fall when the leaves are changing and a northerly wind begins to blow, you decide it is time to clean out the refuse of the summer, and throw the whole lot in the garbage.

Maybe as you are sifting through it, you come across the catalog and now all of a sudden you have time. You read through it. “Oh gee,” you think, “there was a fun duathlon/triathlon event group in here. I wish I had done that this summer.”

So in the end the only thing that these well-meaning and comprehensive catalogs transmit is regret.

Like all people we are not immune to writer’s block, here at Kazi. But this post frankly wrote itself. You see, we visited Willamalane this morning and picked up a catalog. We can’t help thinking that there are some great activities in here and they just need a way to be broadcast more readily. I mean – come one, a summer co-ed beach volleyball league?! Sign me up! If only there was a way for more people to hear about these things.

With our Kazi app, there is. We are (today and tomorrow) loading many of these activities on to the application and we will be attending them ourselves. No charge from us, just good quality time doing the activities you love.

And the best thing is that our search features mean that you can find the exact activity you’re looking for – if you bowl a 50-avg then “Bowling and Burgers” might be for you – search for a low to average group. If you bowl a 200-avg then search for fellow overachievers (I think you can guess what group I’d fall in).


We are excited to meet you all at these activities this summer and it’s nice to finally have a social app that is actually applicable to the real-world.

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