The Kazi App Launches (1 of 5 apps every runner should have)


We are beginning our Friday series on 5 apps that every runner should have. We propose a shameless plug to start our series – our recently launched Kazi application.

Today we distributed the following press release to local media outlets…so keep a weather eye open!

Kazi App Connects Exercise and People

Group runs, walks, pick-up games find a new home on Kazi


Eugene, OR – Miadi Solutions, a growing technology development firm, is pleased to report its launch of the Kazi mobile application.

The application is a platform for people to discover and participate in local running groups, walking groups and recreational sports.

Activity creators and organizations can input a number of criteria like running pace per mile, distance, date, and time and others can search for activities. As members participate, they earn Kazi Kash which can be used to capture discounts and offers at local businesses.

“We developed our first app with two main priorities – make it open to all and make it easy-to-use” said Ben Nye, founder. “Beyond that, we want to give people an incentive to go out and participate, give organizations an opportunity to build awareness for their activities, and provide a platform for local people to connect with small businesses struggling to deal with large faceless online competitors.”

Prolific Runner’s World author and runner Joe Henderson is eager to start using the app with his running groups. “Running has been an important part of my life and this app could encourage others to pick up or continue in the sport,” he said.

YMCA members can already RSVP to YMCA activities through the application and Kazi will be adding more organizations over the course of the next few months.

To safeguard privacy, profiles on the application will have limited function. To help ensure security the activity message board allows users to send public messages among each other. This allows for public policing of user behavior.

The app currently supports running, walking, bowling, basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, and tennis. Additional activities will follow starting in the second quarter of 2016.

The mobile application is available for free download today on iTunes and Google Play app stores. All user features including the feature to create and join activities come free with the app.

Miadi Solutions traces its routes back to 2009 and was organized in the State of Oregon in 2015. Its headquarters is located in Eugene, OR. Miadi Solutions is the creator of the Kazi mobile application. Its mission is to connect people, organizations, and businesses by leveraging technology and mobility.

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