Upcoming Activities this Weekend 4/30-5/1


A lot happening this weekend…Back to Football on Saturday and then 80 degrees on Sunday! Get out and enjoy it!

Group Runs and Rides and Games

  • Friday, 5:30pm
    • Eugene YMCA
    • The YMCA hosts 4.0+ tennis drop-in for two-and-a-half hours.
    • See the Kazi app for more details
  • Saturday, 6:00am
    • Eugene YMCA
    • YMCA Open Gym, Basketball
    • See the Kazi app for more details
  • Saturday, 8:30am
    • RunHub Northwest
    • Run Hub Northwest is excited to host Saturday morning long runs (any distance, actually!) from the store at 515 High St. in Eugene.
    • (Photo courtesy of RunHub NW)
    • Link
  • Saturday, 9:00am
    • Alton Baker Park
    • 41 mile ride at 12-15mph, put on by GEARS.
    • Link
  • Sunday, 9:00am
    • Eugene Running Company
    • Runners of all abilities are encouraged to meet for this informal and flexible Community Group Run. Though Sunday runs are typically long runs, runners wanting to GO any distance or pace are encouraged to come and join others for fun and camaraderie.
    • Link
  • Sunday, 9:00am
    • Alton Baker Park
    • 38 mile ride at 12-15mph, put on by GEARS.
    • Link

Sporting Events

  • Saturday, 11:00am
    • Oregon Football
    • Autzen Stadium
    • Spring Game
    • Link
  • Sunday, 12:00pm
    • Baseball, University
    • Pape Field
    • UO vs. WSU
    • Link

(image: SportsOnEarth)

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