5 reasons I use Kazi..

  1. The opportunity to meet new people and fill a spot on the roster. Kazi makes it easy to find the numbers you need for your pick up game. All you need to do is post your activity on the app and meet new people that share the same interest.
  2. Motivation to stay active. I feel more motivated to get off the couch and get active if I know my friends are waiting. With Kazi I spend my afternoons being social and active rather than at home.
  3. Great rewards. As I attend activities I get to spend my Kazi Kash on discounts at local businesses. I love supporting small local businesses and Kazi makes it possible.
  4. Variety of activities. Kazi has a wide variety of activities available. I am able to try new things and meet new people!
  5. Kazi is social. Social media has changed the way people interact. Kazi makes it possible to meet new people while being active in the community. Spend less time on the phone and more time meeting people with the same interests as you on the Kazi App!


-Andrew Merriman

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