As Promised.. a few smoothie recipies.

As mentioned in last Fridays post, smoothies can be a great way to kick off your morning. There are thousands of recipes out there. Don’t be afraid to try new ones. After all, its hard to make a bad tasting smoothie.

Here is a general outline for your smoothie proportions as well as a few of my favorites. Disclaimer: depending on the power of your blender and your preference on consistency you may need to adjust these recipes.

General outline:

6-8 oz liquid

1-3 cups fruit

1-2 cups ice

0-2 scoops frozen yogurt


Green Machine: you won’t even taste the spinach!

6-8 oz coconut water

1 handful of spinach

1/2 cup frozen banana

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

1/2 cup frozen strawberries

1/2 cup frozen mango

2 cups ice

The Monkey: this is NOT the healthiest recipe… but its delicious.

6 oz milk

1 cup frozen banana

2 scoops peanut butter

1 scoop protein powder

2 scoops frozen yogurt

1 cup ice


When blending your smoothie you can adjust these ingredients in order to get a consistency you like. In general, it is good for the smoothie to flow slowly, making a vortex at the surface. As you experiment you will start to have an eye for this. Hope you enjoy! Now make some of your own!

-Andrew Merriman, Kazi Associate




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