Why Our Neighbor Uses Kazi (that’s “KAH-zee”)


For those of you who do not know, our offices are located on Willamette Street (that’s /will-AM-it/) in Eugene, Oregon (that’s /OR-y-gun/). We work in an office space that is co-located with other intrepid entrepreneurs and we often will feed off of one another’s ideas, problems, and solutions.

As we carefully lay the groundwork for a big marketing push in the next two weeks, we are actively soliciting ideas for refinements and additional features for the app that we have created. And it is in that spirit that we sat down with one of our neighbors yesterday.

He is excited about the service and the product because he sees what is going on in his own life. “Jack” enjoys the outdoors and likes to collect experiences. Last weekend, for instance, he traveled to Lake Oswego and participated in a stand-up paddle board race on the eponymous Willamette (same pronunciation) river. He has snow-shoed under the stars, been to countless nature tours, and loves kayaking more than anything.

But Jack isn’t excited that Kazi allows him to do these things; he is excited that he can now do them with other people – people he’d never met before, and friends he never realized shared those interests.

“How great,” he says, “would it have been if I could have got everyone of those 70 people at the SUP competition to download the app? I’d now have 70 friends I could call on if ever I want to go paddle board.” Indeed.

In fact, Jack was selling us short. As the Kazi community expands, you will have access to the entire population. You might meet your next best friend group, fellow poker players, or another “Bachelor” fan. Regardless, you know you have one thing in common with each and every Kazi member, because we all enjoy running, walking, basketball, bowling, frisbee, soccer and, most importantly, one another’s company.

So Jack has downloaded the Kazi app. If you are interested in kayaking, I’ll pass the message along. I will be participating in my first Kazi activity this Friday, a tennis mixer at the Eugene YMCA. We look forward to growing the #KaziLife in the next couple of weeks. Until then keep a weather eye open, download the app, let us know your suggestions, and start testing the waters – believe me, they are not nearly as chilly as the Willamette (yes, same pronunciation).

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