NC High School Student does the Ultimate Fundraiser…and Kobe’s 60pts

North Carolina was in the news a lot last week but the heartwarming stories were sadly missing. So I think it only makes sense that today I bring you an tale from the Tar Heel State that warms the cockles of the proverbial heart.

Durham Academy is a prep school in – would you believe it – Durham, NC. With three campuses on 84 acres, the school serves over a thousand students from preschool through grade 12. We are talking elite – 1.10 student/faculty ratio, 99% Advanced Placement exam attendance, SAT scores that put me to shame, and literally scores of athletic teams (44 to be precise).

You could forgive a high school freshmen at Durham Academy for feeling the pressure to live up to the demands of such a high-achieving school. And surely they do. But Alex Hoffman last week showed that students at this school are not only driven to succeed themselves, but would also like to see their peers do well.

It is in this spirit that Hoffman organized an Ultimate Frisbee tournament, raising money for Durham Nativity, a free independent school for middle school boys who can’t afford private education. With laptops outdated and outnumbered by students, Hoffman decided to embark on an ambitious attempt to coalesce other schools in the area to help Durham Nativity.

In the end, he expects to raise enough money from this one event to fund laptop purchases for a class of 20. You can help Alex out here. People say that sports can change the world. We often see this manifest itself in high profile events that we see on TV. But in Durham we have a very real, very tangible example of how even a few teenagers can come together and look out for their neighbors…kinda inspiring.

And we have another inspiring story this week. Mr. Bryant – the only basketball player I’m aware of who was named after a steak (seriously) – closed out his career with a stunning 60pt performance.

Never one to shy away from a big stage, Bryant (37) shot 44% from the field, dead in line with his career average. It’s easy to forget just how good Bryant has been over the course of his career. When he turns in a performance like the one we saw Wednesday night – and when that’s average – just tip your hat to a legend.

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