Trivia: Round 1

Comment with your answers in the comment section. The winner will get a Kazi prize.

1. How many women’s football leagues are there currently in the United States?

2. When was the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) inaugural season?

3. How many servings of fruits and vegetables should you have to eat day?

4. Which option is healthier for you pork bacon or pork sausage?

5. 99% of what nut is grown in Oregon?

6. If every apple hand-picked from Washington was placed side-by-side, how many times would it circle the earth?

7. True or False: Pineapples are classified as vegetables.

8. What is the oldest of all man-made foods?

9. Who was the first person to have a #1 album and a #1 film in the same week?

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