One Shining Moment…Smoggy Joggy for Zuck


Last week we were treated to a fantastic NCAA Men’s Basketball Final – this isn’t to say we don’t respect the Connecticut women whose achievements have obviously been phenomenal – but the tight encounter in the Men’s final was memorable. In fact it was nearly as memorable as the One Shining Moment anthem that has become an iconic reminder of the Madness of March.

How does this music become as legendary as what it represents? Well, that’s a bit of a story…

One Shining Moment was written by David Barrett in 1986. With the help of an influential high school friend, it was passed to the execs at CBS and intended to be run after Super Bowl XXI. There is some poetic justice here – as Barrett originally wrote the song after watching Larry Bird play, it would just not have been the same if we heard it after the Super Bowl every year instead.

A one hit wonder if ever there was one, Barrett’s website is a tribute to the song. And once again, it’s fitting – his One Shining Moment was indeed one shining moment.

Across the world, Facebook founder billionaire Mark Zuckerberg was spotted jogging in smoggy Beijing…if you needed an appreciation of what it is to be able to jog in clear Oregon, then just take a look at the picture at the top of the post. (Track star Andrew Merriman has a few more reasons here.)

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