3 Reasons I (try to) Run in the Morning


(Submitted by Andrew – our associate and resident collegiate track star)

If you’re like me, there is no more obnoxious sound of your alarm in the morning. When the time is an hour earlier so that you have the ability to go on a run, the sound is somehow even more unpleasant.

However, as the weather begins to warm up here in the Willamette Valley I have a new appreciation for Eugene in the early mornings. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are tempted to hit the snooze button:

1. You will regret not running, but you won’t regret doing it

Like most other students I value my sleep in the morning over almost anything. When I give in to the snooze button I have always found myself regretting it later. The half-asleep half-awake drowsy hour alternative will not give you the satisfaction that your run will.

2. You will feel better during the day

I’ve always been amazed that I am less drowsy in the first half of my day when I go on my run than when I sleep in. I think getting your brain and legs moving provides the kickstart you need and – unlike caffeine – continues throughout the rest of your day. I am always more attentive in class and find myself focused and alert.

3. Health     

A morning run wakes up your metabolism for the day. You are able to eat a full breakfast to give your body the energy it needs without feeling like you’re overeating. The physiological phenomenon of exercise and the catabolic activity of digestion will leave you feeling more awake than if you had slept in.

Of course, for people – like me – for whom a daily run is required for my brain and body (and track times) I don’t have the threat of a run hanging over me for the rest of the day. A psychological boost indeed.

2 thoughts on “3 Reasons I (try to) Run in the Morning

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